Jessie G.

I recently used Core Inspection for a home inspection. Corwin was incredibly thorough and helpful. He probably spent at least 3 hours on a 1000 sq foot, newly renovated home. He pointed out a number of concerning findings, thoroughly evaluated possible leaks, and checked out the roof and upper level exterior among many other things. He even climbed out of a small 2nd story window onto a tiny ledge and then climbed up onto the roof to check out the outside of the home. He was incredibly patient with all of my questions. I have no background in housing-type stuff, and he explained everything at an appropriate depth and never appeared to be annoyed with all of my questions or to be in a rush. He explained what was not a big deal, what was more concerning, and what he felt needed an expert to evaluate more deeply. We will definitely be using Corwin again and would recommend him without reservation.